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Rygårds Alle 1
2900 Hellerup
3946 3600
Jura 3946 3605
Presse 2989 3169
Karriere 3946 3630 pd@pharmadanmark.dk

Sekretariatets åbningstider

Mandag - torsdag 9.30-16.00
Fredag 9.30-14.00
Navn Stilling Telefon E-mail
Anders Rune Bjerrum Chef for politik, kommunikation og presse 2989 3169 ab@pharmadanmark.dk
Andreas Thilqvist Marketingansvarlig 2893 3311 at@pharmadanmark.dk
Annette Meyer Økonomi- og administrationschef 3946 3600 am@pharmadanmark.dk
Arendse Veirø Specialkonsulent, cand. jur. 3946 3638 ave@pharmadanmark.dk
Casper Gad Advokat 3946 3627 cg@pharmadanmark.dk
Christian K. Thorsted Kommunikationschef 2176 8404 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Danny Bukh Almstrup Chefkonsulent 3946 3632 dba@pharmadanmark.dk
Gry Hamborg Advokat 3946 3635 gh@pharmadanmark.dk
Hanne Højholdt Adamsen Juridisk chefkonsulent 3946 3612 hha@pharmadanmark.dk
Iben Treebak Chefkonsulent, karriere & netværk 3946 3618 ibt@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Johnsen Juridisk chef, advokat 3946 3622 jujo@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Strægaard PA for ledelsen Barselsorlov js@pharmadanmark.dk
Karin Ortmann Servicemedarbejder 4084 9833 ko@pharmadanmark.dk
Lotte Skovdal PDA-sagsbehandler og arrangementskoordinator 3946 3609 lsk@pharmadanmark.dk
Marie Fog Faglig chefkonsulent 3025 5311 mf@pharmadanmark.dk
Mathilde Bak Advokatfuldmægtig 3946 3629 mba@pharmadanmark.dk
Natasia Lykkeholm Klausen Advokat 3946 3636 nlk@pharmadanmark.dk
Rikke Løvig Simonsen Formand for Pharmadanmark 3124 0265 rls@pharmadanmark.dk
Sarah Piil Kommunikationskonsulent 6168 9854 ssp@pharmadanmark.dk
Simone Skovvart Piil Studentermedhjælper 3946 3606 spi@pharmadanmark.dk
Susanne Vodstrup Receptionist 3946 3607 sv@pharmadanmark.dk
Susie Stærk Ekstrand Adm. direktør 3017 8865 se@pharmadanmark.dk
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Senior Network

Senior Network

Our Senior Network comprises older graduates in the field of pharmacy who are close to or have reached retirement age or have taken early retirement.

We share our continued wish to cultivate our pharmacy community although many of us are no longer active members of Pharmadanmark.

Our events

The Senior Network meets approximately six to eight times a year at Rygårds Allé 1 in Hellerup and a couple of times in Aarhus or elsewhere to talk about shared problems and experiences over coffee or lunch. The programme includes talks on pharmacy, diseases and various cultural aspects or visits to museums, exhibitions or interesting businesses.

We do not want to fill up your calendar because we realise that you probably already have plenty of plans for enjoying your retirement. But we would appreciate your participation in one of our events which are announced in Pharma. Participation is free and only requires registration for that particular meeting. Participants pay for the event/lunch on the day. Senior Network events are announced in Pharma and membership costs DKK 75 per quarter.

To find out more, please call us.


The Senior Network – Zealand 

Jytte Jacobsen, tlf. 2683 1923

Svend Norn, tlf. 4581 6687 

Bjarne Fjalland, tlf. 4585 5755/3057 4259

The Senior Network – Jutland

Kirsten Gammelgaard, tlf. 8696 1374

Jutta Faarbæk, tlf. 9785 5432

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