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Tlf: 3946 3600
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Presse tlf: 2176 8404 pd@pharmadanmark.dk

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Mandag - torsdag 9.30-16.00
Fredag 9.30-14.00
Navn Stilling Telefon E-mail
Andreas Thilqvist Konsulent 2893 3311 at@pharmadanmark.dk
Annette Meyer Økonomi- og administrationschef 3946 3600 am@pharmadanmark.dk
Arendse Veirø Specialkonsulent, cand. jur. Barselsorlov ave@pharmadanmark.dk
Bente Gade Chef for ledelsessekretariatet 5121 0661 bg@pharmadanmark.dk
Casper Gad Advokat 3946 3627 cg@pharmadanmark.dk
Cecillie B. Jakobsen Økonomi- og administrationsmedarbejder 39463611 cj@pharmadanmark.dk
Christian K. Thorsted Kommunikationschef 2176 8404 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Frederik Kragh Nielsen Politisk konsulent 2448 6266 fkn@pharmadanmark.dk
Gry Hamborg Advokat 3946 3635 gh@pharmadanmark.dk
Iben Treebak Chefkonsulent, karriere & netværk 3946 3618 ibt@pharmadanmark.dk
Jakob Ørum Jørgensen Advokatfuldmægtig 3946 3615 jj@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Johnsen Juridisk chef, advokat 3946 3633 jujo@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Strægaard PA for ledelsen 3132 6212 js@pharmadanmark.dk
Karin Ortmann Servicemedarbejder 4084 9833 ko@pharmadanmark.dk
Kristine Hedegaard Jurist 3946 3623 kh@pharmadanmark.dk
Lotte Skovdal PDA sagsbehandler og arrangementskoordinator 3946 3609 lsk@pharmadanmark.dk
Mai-Brit Ladekarl Karrierevejleder 3946 3628 mbl@pharmadanmark.dk
Malene Dalmark Espeland Kommunikationskonsulent 3010 2277 mde@pharmadanmark.dk
Marie Fog Faglig chefkonsulent 3025 5311 mf@pharmadanmark.dk
Natasia Lykkeholm Klausen Advokat Barselsorlov nlk@pharmadanmark.dk
Rikke Løvig Simonsen Formand for Pharmadanmark 3124 0265 rls@pharmadanmark.dk
Sarah Piil Kommunikationskonsulent 6168 9854 ssp@pharmadanmark.dk
Simone Skovvart Piil Studentermedhjælper 3946 3606 spi@pharmadanmark.dk
Susanne Vodstrup Receptionist 3946 3607 sv@pharmadanmark.dk
Susie Stærk Ekstrand Adm. direktør 3017 8865 se@pharmadanmark.dk
Troels Yde Toftdahl Politisk chef 4146 3626 tyt@pharmadanmark.dk
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Do you work on a day-to-day basis in the field of pharmacovigilance and other safety-related topics? If you are looking for a professional community and professional challenges, the pharmacovigilance network may be something for you. 

The members of the pharmacovigilance network come from extremely diverse workplaces: from large-scale and small-scale pharmaceutical companies, and from the public sector. The scope of the network provides a unique basis for professional discussion and feedback, and for a community.


Qualified Persons

If you work as a Qualified Person (QP), or are involved in QP-related topics in your work, Pharmadanmark’s qualified persons network might be just the thing for you. The network’s members come from extremely diverse workplaces: from large-scale and small-scale pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and from the public sector. The activities in the network are based on the issues you encounter in your daily work. Examples of previous topics that the QP network has tackled are: Product Specification Files - what a file should contain and, most importantly, how does it get updated?

Qualified Persons


Do you often use such expressions as ‘eCTD’, ‘variation scheme’ and ‘grant-giving body’ on a regular basis? If your work involves the registration of medicines, Pharmadanmark’s regulatory network can offer a professional community and professional challenges.


Clinical Development

If your everyday work involves the clinical development of medicines or medical devices, and if you are interested in an informal forum, where can you discuss your day-to-day challenges, or just a forum where you can keep professionally up to date, then maybe Pharmadanmark’s Clinical Development Network is something for you. The network caters for members who work on clinical development in private or public companies. Any topics related to clinical development are of interest.

Clinical Development

Early career researchers

The network for early career researchers tackles topics relevant to anyone studying for a PhD or Postdoc as well as those who recently achieved their PhD or Postdoc. Pharmadanmark’s network for early career researchers offers you a professional community and professional challenges. Our members have diverse backgrounds, but all are working in fields of pharmaceutical research. This provides a unique basis for professional discussion and feedback, and for a community. 

Early career researchers
Find knowledge, inspiration and professionals in Pharmadanmark's professional network.
Marie Fog
Telefon: 39463600
Monday-thursday 9.30 - 16.00
Friday 9.30 - 14.00
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