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Rygards Alle 1
2900 Hellerup
Tlf: 3946 3600
Jura tlf: 3190 3600

Sekretariatets åbningstider


Mandag - torsdag 09.30 - 16.00
Fredag 09.30 - 14.00

På adressen

Mandag - torsdag 09.30 - 16.00
Fredag 09.30 - 14.00
Navn Stilling Telefon E-mail
Andreas Thilqvist Konsulent 39463626 at@pharmadanmark.dk
Annette Meyer Økonomi- og administrationschef 39463639 am@pharmadanmark.dk
Arendse Veirø Specialkonsulent, cand. jur. ​3946 3638 ave@pharmadanmark.dk
Bente Gade Chef for ledelsessekretariatet 39463621 bg@pharmadanmark.dk
Bo Ekkert Knudsen Juridisk chef, advokat 20769923 bek@pharmadanmark.dk
Casper Gad Advokat 39463627 cg@pharmadanmark.dk
Christian K. Thorsted Kommunikationschef 39463614 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Frederik Kragh Nielsen Politisk konsulent 39463620 fkn@pharmadanmark.dk
Gry Hamborg Jurist 3946 3635 gh@pharmadanmark.dk
Iben Treebak Chefkonsulent, Karriere & Netværk 39463618 ibt@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Strægaard PA for ledelsen 3132 6212 js@pharmadanmark.dk
Karin Ortmann Servicemedarbejder 40849833 ko@pharmadanmark.dk
Lotte Skovdal PDA sagsbehandler og arrangementskoordinator 39463609 lsk@pharmadanmark.dk
Malene Dalmark Espeland Kommunikationskonsulent 39463634 mde@pharmadanmark.dk
Manna Louise Schreiner Nielsen Studentermedhjælper 39463603 mln@pharmadanmark.dk
Marie Fog Faglig chefkonsulent 39463619 mf@pharmadanmark.dk
Natasia Lykkeholm Klausen Advokat 39463636 nlk@pharmadanmark.dk
Pressetelefon 21768404 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Rikke Løvig Simonsen Formand for Pharmadanmark 31240265 rls@pharmadanmark.dk
Sarah Piil Kommunikationskonsulent 39463637 ssp@pharmadanmark.dk
Simone Skovvart Piil Studentermedhjælper 39463606 spi@pharmadanmark.dk
Susanne Vodstrup Receptionist 39463607 sv@pharmadanmark.dk
Susie Stærk Ekstrand Adm. direktør 30178865 se@pharmadanmark.dk
Troels Yde Toftdahl Politisk Chef 41463626 tyt@pharmadanmark.dk
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Membership fees

Membership fees

Current Pharmadanmark membership fees can be found here.

The Pharmadanmark membership fee comprises several parts and depends on where you work and the region in which you work. This is why it is important that you register any changes to your employment details as soon as possible. This can be done on My Page which you gain access to when you log on to the Pharmadanmark site.

All fees are quarterly in Danish kroner. 

Full membership fee

Pharmadanmark membership fee 1.155
Kredsenes Fællesfond 50
Forhandlingsfonden 31
PDA including Forenede Gruppeliv 300
Total membership fee 1.536
 Pharmadanmark - Hospital, Uddannelsesfonden 25


Membership fee reductions

Unemployed without PDA or members on unpaid leave (including Gruppeliv) ​445
Active abroad (employed on overseas contract) (including PDA and Gruppeliv) 745
Passive 445
Students 75
Pensioners 75

Tax deductions

Pharmadanmark reports the membership fee paid to Skat, the Danish tax authorities. No deductions are made for the amount that is paid to PDA, incl. Gruppeliv insurance. The maximum deduction was increased from DKK 3,000 to DKK 6,000 per year from 1 January 2015. Find out more at skat.dk.


Your status in the first quarter determines who much you need to pay. No retroactive adjustments can be made. All active members who are in employment pay the full membership fee. Members employed on overseas contracts pay a reduced fee as Pharmadanmark is not under obligation to provide legal assistance with employment contracts that are regulated by the laws of another country. These members retain cover under the association’s Gruppeliv scheme and accrue the right to receive benefits from Pharmadanmark’s unemployment insurance (PDA) if they are made redundant. 

Membership fees are charged quarterly on the following dates: 5 February, 5 May, 5 August and 5 November. Membership fees as of 1 January 2015

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