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Andreas Thilqvist Konsulent 39463626 at@pharmadanmark.dk
Annette Meyer Økonomi- og administrationschef 39463639 am@pharmadanmark.dk
Arendse Veirø Specialkonsulent, cand. jur. ​3946 3638 ave@pharmadanmark.dk
Bente Gade Chef for ledelsessekretariatet 39463621 bg@pharmadanmark.dk
Bo Ekkert Knudsen Juridisk chef, advokat 20769923 bek@pharmadanmark.dk
Casper Gad Advokat 39463627 cg@pharmadanmark.dk
Christian K. Thorsted Kommunikationschef 39463614 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Frederik Kragh Nielsen Politisk konsulent 39463620 fkn@pharmadanmark.dk
Gry Hamborg Advokat 3946 3635 gh@pharmadanmark.dk
Iben Treebak Chefkonsulent, Karriere & Netværk 39463618 ibt@pharmadanmark.dk
Julie Strægaard PA for ledelsen 3132 6212 js@pharmadanmark.dk
Karin Ortmann Servicemedarbejder 40849833 ko@pharmadanmark.dk
Lotte Skovdal PDA sagsbehandler og arrangementskoordinator 39463609 lsk@pharmadanmark.dk
Mai-Brit Ladekarl Karrierevejleder 3946 3628 mbl@pharmadanmark.dk
Malene Dalmark Espeland Kommunikationskonsulent 39463634 mde@pharmadanmark.dk
Manna Louise Schreiner Nielsen Studentermedhjælper 39463603 mln@pharmadanmark.dk
Marie Fog Faglig chefkonsulent 39463619 mf@pharmadanmark.dk
Natasia Lykkeholm Klausen Advokat 39463636 nlk@pharmadanmark.dk
Pressetelefon 21768404 ckt@pharmadanmark.dk
Rikke Løvig Simonsen Formand for Pharmadanmark 31240265 rls@pharmadanmark.dk
Sarah Piil Kommunikationskonsulent 39463637 ssp@pharmadanmark.dk
Simone Skovvart Piil Studentermedhjælper 39463606 spi@pharmadanmark.dk
Susanne Vodstrup Receptionist 39463607 sv@pharmadanmark.dk
Susie Stærk Ekstrand Adm. direktør 30178865 se@pharmadanmark.dk
Troels Yde Toftdahl Politisk Chef 41463626 tyt@pharmadanmark.dk
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A Career in Pharmacy

A Career in Pharmacy

Career development programmes for pharmacists

If you are a pharmacist and are employed at a primary care pharmacy, you have the option of attending a career development programme, customised for pharmacists who are aiming at a career in the pharmacy sector.

The course is organised by Danmarks Apotekerforening and Pharmadanmark and consists of 3 modules:

  • 5 - 6 October 2018
  • 2 March 2019
  • 24 August 2019

During the course you will be allocated a mentor, whom you will meet up with to discuss your career plan. Arne Nielsson is the facilitator for this part of the programme. There are 30 places for pharmacists working in pharmacies, who are keen to work on their career development in the pharmacy. 

Read more and sign up here

Vacancies in the pharmacy sector

Danmarks Apotekerforening has launched a career site, where, for example, you can see vacancies in the sector. You can also find job vacancies on Pharmadanmark’s website.

Become a pharmacist

Pharmacists can apply for pharmacy licences and become pharmacists. Available pharmacy licences are advertised on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency and licences are assigned by the Danish Medicines Agency. The application procedure is described on the Agency’s website.
The Council for Promotion advises the Danish Medicines Agency in cases involving licences to run a pharmacy and the appointment of private hospital pharmacists. The role of the Council is to comment on whether or not the individual applicant is suitable or unsuitable for running a pharmacy.
The work of the Council for Promotion is divided into:

  • Authorisation to run pharmacies (handled by 4 advisory consultants, who are nominated by Pharmadanmark, the Danish Association of Pharmoconomists, Danmarks Apotekerforening and Forbrugerrådet Tænk)
  • Appointment of private hospital pharmacists (handled by 3 advisory consultants, who are nominated by Pharmadanmark, the Danish Association of Pharmoconomists and hospital pharmacy owners) 

If you are interested in applying to run a pharmacy, we recommend you to arrange a meeting with Pharmadanmark’s Promotion Consultant, Lisbeth Hein: email 014lh@apoteket.dk. The Promotion Consultant cannot advise applicants in terms of applying for a specific licence, but can offer general advice.

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